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Security Middle Blank Laser Check


Benefits and Features

Multi-purpose business checks cost less than custom printing, and work easily with your accounting software.
These affordable, Security blank middle laser checks help you manage all your accounts with one check stock.
Security Blank checks offer the quality and consistency you need to print your own

  • Security features! Unique multi-color background pattern discourages copying and cut and paste alterations.
  • Security features! Thermochromic ink reacts to heat to deter and detect copying.
  • Security features! High resolution border with intricate engravings that do not reproduce well on copiers.
  • Visible security features: Advanced security features include chemical detection wash area on back of check, padlock icon, UV dull paper, true watermark.
  • All orders go through proprietary screening: To prevent unauthorized orders, and they have tamper-evident packaging
  • Built in check security: Chemically sensitive paper, microprint border, erasure protection, security screen & warning box
  • Stay in control: Designed for use with software that prints the entire check, bank information and MICR numbering. Keeps account numbers confidential until printing.
  • Keep accurate records: Top and bottom tear-off vouchers give both you and payee a detailed payment record.
  • Print on demand: Versatile sheet format fits all standard laser and inkjet printers.
  • Simplify: Great for multiple accounts. By using just one check type, you can simplify your business checking and save money, time and space.
  • Standardize: Circle background design with white stub. shrink-wrapped in packages of 500 checks

100000, 20000, 50000, 500, 1000, 2500, 5000, 10000

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